Staff-Parish Relations

Lay Member to Annual Conference

Result Expected:
An effective lay member of annual conference will represent the congregation to the annual conference and interpret the work of the annual conference and the global United Methodist Church to the congregation. This person is especially interested in connecting the church of God with people who are not yet a part of it.


The Lay member of annual conference (and alternate, if elected) shall be a professing member of the congregation for at least 2 years and an active participant for at least 4 years preceding their election. This person shall report the actions of the annual conference to the congregation within 3 months of the close of the annual conference session. United Methodist Book of Discipline, ¶ 251.2


  • Become knowledgeable about the structure and ministries of the annual conference, the United Methodist Church, and the congregation.  
  • Attend all sessions of annual conference or arrange for an alternate to be seated. During the conference session, the lay member will participate in discussions, debates, voting, and all other activities of annual conference.  
  • Engage in spiritual practices that build a relationship of attentiveness to God's will and direction. Business sessions of the church can divert attention from spiritual discernment into parliamentary procedure and political positioning. Members of annual conference need to hold one another accountable to the mission and vision of the church.  
  • Participate fully as a member of the local church charge conference, the church leadership team, the committee on finance, and the committee on pastor-parish relations.


Result Expected:
An effective committee works with the lead pastor and other staff to identify and clarify values for ministry of the congregation so that the staff can set priorities for leadership and service. The committee will fulfill legal and ethical responsibilities related to the staff.


The committee shall be composed of not fewer than five nor more than nine persons. One member shall be a young adult and one member may be a youth. In addition, the lay leader and lay member of annual conference shall be members. No staff member nor immediate family member of a staff person may serve on the committee. Only one person residing in the same household shall serve on the committee. The United Methodist Book of Discipline 2008,¶258.2


  • Lead the congregation to encourage, strengthen, nurture, support, and respect the pastor(s) and staff and their families. Help the staff set priorities that strengthen the congregation's total ministry.  
  • Consult with the lead pastor to recommend staff positions to support the strategy of the church leadership team.  
  • Recommend staff compensation, travel, housing, and other financial matters to the church council through the finance committee.  
  • Create and update written policy for hiring, evaluating, promoting, retiring, and dismissing staff members who are not subject to episcopal appointment. (Procedures must comply with local and state laws.)  
  • Conduct proper screening (including background checks) for lay employees and volunteer staff.  
  • Meet with the district superintendent and/or the bishop in an advisory capacity related to clergy leadership. Considerations include the age and stage of the congregation, an understanding of feelings and desires within the congregation about the pastor's leadership and appointment, and the culture and needs of the community around the church.  
  • Enlist, evaluate, and annually recommend to the charge conference candidates for professional ministry.

Sunday Morning Worship

Church Hill UMC: 10:00

   Sunday School: 9:00 


Reedsville UMC: 9:00 

Sunday School:


Milroy UMC: 11:15

Sunday School 10:00


Communion is served the first Sunday of each month.

Church Hill United Methodist Church

199 Woodland Circle

Reedsville, PA 17084

717 667 9847

Reedsville United Methodist Church

60 East Logan Street

Reedsville, PA 17084

Milroy United  Methodist Church

91 S Main Street

Milroy, PA 17063

United Methodist Connection

We are a part of the United Methodist Church that has over 17 million members all over the world.


We are within the Susquehanna Confernece that spans central Pennsylvania from New York to the Maryland border.


We are located in the State College District that covers Lock Haven to Clearfield and Renovo to Mifflintown.


We are a single parish of two churches located in Reedsville, one of the quiet suburbs between State College and Lewistown.