Membership Secretary

What's my job?
An effective Membership Secretary keeps accurate membership records so that the congregation knows its current reality and can build a plan for growth in professions of faith, baptisms, members, and discipleship.


A Membership Secretary, under the direction of the pastor, shall keep accurate records of membership as outlined in The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, 2008, ¶230-234.

What does the Membership Secretary do?

  • This leader works with the pastor to keep accurate records for all membership rolls (baptized members, professing members, constituents, affiliate members, associate members, people removed from the roll of professing members, people removed from the roll of baptized members), and reports annually to the charge conference.  
  • This person maintains a list of members received and those to be removed from the rolls. The United Methodist Book of Disciplinedefines categories of membership and the process for removal of members.  
  • This person is accountable to the charge conference through the church council.

Sunday Morning Worship

Church Hill UMC: 10:00

   Sunday School: 9:00 


Reedsville UMC: 9:00 

Sunday School:


Milroy UMC: 11:15

Sunday School 10:00


Communion is served the first Sunday of each month.

Church Hill United Methodist Church

199 Woodland Circle

Reedsville, PA 17084

717 667 9847

Reedsville United Methodist Church

60 East Logan Street

Reedsville, PA 17084

Milroy United  Methodist Church

91 S Main Street

Milroy, PA 17063

United Methodist Connection

We are a part of the United Methodist Church that has over 17 million members all over the world.


We are within the Susquehanna Confernece that spans central Pennsylvania from New York to the Maryland border.


We are located in the State College District that covers Lock Haven to Clearfield and Renovo to Mifflintown.


We are a single parish of two churches located in Reedsville, one of the quiet suburbs between State College and Lewistown.