Safety Information

Guidelines for indoor Worship

We want you to know how much you have been missed, because we haven’t been together and I think most of us are really looking forward to being together again and seeing our friends as well as being in church

But here’s the thing , just because we went green , we just can’t go back to the way it was before Covid 19 became part of our lives , as much as we may want that to be  there are still some guidelines in place.  So as our churches open for indoor worship, here is what you need to know, and we ask sincerely that you help us follow the guidelines

  1.  We must keep up social distancing, I know that it will be hard for us not to get close to one another and shake hands and hug but don’t, at least not yet  
  2. Please be respectful of those who may think you are getting a little too close and please don’t be afraid to tell us if we are  We know that individually we are at different places in what we are comfortable with and so we need to be mindful of each other.
  3. Please sit in every other pew, families that live in the same household may certainly sit together but for the rest of us every other pew gives us the social distancing that we need to adhere to and yes this means you might have to sit in not your regular Pew!!!
  4.  There will be no Passing of the Peace, and offering plates will be at the entrance to the church so that you may leave your tithes and gifts as you enter or leave , so no more passing the plate . again, thank you that you have been so generous while we have been apart,
  5. Masks are requested, especially for indoor worship
  6. We will have one greeter, who is masked and will have gloves on, to hand you a bulletin. The bulletin will also include any music or litany that we are using and for those churches that have media screens that information will be there as well. Please do not use the hymn books at this time to keep contact limited and help us when we clean after worship.  Please take your bulletins after worship and dispose of them properly, either in the church waste can or your home.
  7. Know to that in indoor worship we may not be using hymns or only limited verses in hymns, we know it is hard to sing with your mask on
  8. Each church has disposable face masks for you to use,  touchless hand sanitizer containers, disposable gloves and we had a volunteer offer some homemade masks for you to take home should you need one  also at each Church you will find the CDC regulations that we are asked to follow
  9. We ask that if you are feeling sick, or unwell in any way that you remain home. Also, should anyone test positive for Covid -19 after we open, we sincerely ask that you let the Pastor know immediately. If someone has tested positive then we must close churches down for 2 weeks minimum, thoroughly clean the building and we have an obligation to let members know that they may have been exposed. Please note that we will use confidentially and your name will not be mentioned , but we must be able to let others know and more than our one church may be affected as the Pastor goes from church to church. 

Sunday Morning Worship

Church Hill UMC: 10:00

    Sunday School: 9:00 


Reedsville UMC: 8:30

    Sunday School: 9:45


Milroy UMC: 11:15

Sunday School 10:00


Communion is served the first Sunday of each month.

Church Hill United Methodist Church

199 Woodland Circle

Reedsville, PA 17084

717 667 9847

Reedsville United Methodist Church

60 East Logan Street

Reedsville, PA 17084

Milroy United  Methodist Church

91 S Main Street

Milroy, PA 17063

United Methodist Connection

We are a part of the United Methodist Church that has over 17 million members all over the world.


We are within the Susquehanna Confernece that spans central Pennsylvania from New York to the Maryland border.


We are located in the State College District that covers Lock Haven to Clearfield and Renovo to Mifflintown.


We are a single parish of two churches located in Reedsville, one of the quiet suburbs between State College and Lewistown.